I could say that photography was my first career choice since I was a child, but it is not true. I could also say that my inspiration came from my father from whom I learned everything about photography, but he's a lawyer. My road to photography has been anything but a straight line. Five years after graduating from high school, I received my bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. One year after that, I obtained a graduate degree in advertising and marketing and four years later I completed my master's degree in business administration. I worked as a marketing executive for more than 15 years for several companies in different industries: insurance, energy, consulting, financial and education.

Over the years, I took three short courses in photography, but after a life altering car accident I decided that life is too short and took the plunge. Four years later I moved with my wife and our dog to Vancouver where I did a full-time photography course for one year.

I graduated from VanArts (Vancouver Institute of Media Arts) as the top student in my class and I try to incorporate all my professional and personal experience in every photo I take.

When I'm not shooting, I can be found strolling with my wife and our Golden Retriever, travelling (one of our addictions), watching a movie, or simply reading a book.

Born in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), studied and lived in Vancouver (Canada) for 18 months and currently living in Lisbon (Portugal) since November 2015.